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Construction Law

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Construction Law

At Capizzi Law Offices, we take pride in our long history of handling our clients’ construction problems such as arbitration, negotiations, and litigation. Our construction attorney handles construction projects from beginning to end. Before moving forward with a project, we advise our clients about the importance of negotiating and drafting contracts, which we are well versed in.

Additionally, the nuances and associated risks in the Federal Acquisition Regulations and other common construction contracts and agreements are familiar territories for our office.

We also counsel on all permitting and licensing issues, including environmental and other regulatory compliance matters, as well as requirements for insurance and any surety bonds needed.

We have made it our duty to stay updated on new developments in the law regarding architect’s and construction manager liabilities. We at Capizzi Law Offices also have extensive experience in issues like lender liability, delay, and disruptions, consequential damage.

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