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Civil Litigation


Civil Litigation

The Capizzi Law Offices can provide the finest quality representation in any civil litigation area.

Our civil attorney has diverse experience in all areas of civil litigation and arbitration. We have represented a diverse group of clients throughout Northern New Jersey in all forms of litigation including, but not limited to:

• Breach of Contract/Contract Disputes

• Warranty Claims and Defenses

• Real Estate Litigation

• Brokerage and Land Use Cases

• Construction Litigation/Arbitration

• Claims against Public Entities

• Restrictive Covenants

• Personal Injury Claims, Libel, and Slander


The Capizzi Law Office is experienced with the intricacies of chancery litigation throughout New Jersey.

Most litigation is resolved in civil courts. However, specific relief, such as an injunction or restraining order must be filed in the chancery division.

In Chancery Court cases, the object of the litigation is to force the other side to perform a specific action or refrain from that action. Preventing someone from crossing your property when they lack an easement, or forcing an “accounting” from a business partner to accurately determine the assets of a business that is being dissolved are two examples.

Injunctions generally are available only when there is no adequate remedy at law, meaning no amount of money damages will make you whole.

We represent small businesses, professionals and individuals facing disputes in the chancery court. Chancery litigation is a time-sensitive, specialized and technical area of the law. We have a comprehensive understanding of chancery court procedures.

Our chancery practice is wide ranging. We assist clients seeking an injunction or restraining order over a broad spectrum of legal areas. We also provide representation to clients defending the imposition of an injunction or TRO.

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